Protection through centralized video surveillance system

"King Marshall" security service provides protection through IP cameras. If the camera is already installed in the object, it is connected to the "King Marshall" Central Station via Internet or local network, and if the object is not equipped with a camera (s), "King Marshall" will install the IP camera (s) of your facility for FREE on contract basis and  will carry out the protection.

Video surveillance is carried out online by a special computer program (INTELEKT) by skilled operators. Video privacy is ensured. In case of any danger, deviation of the camera position or loss of the video, the operator immediately announces an ALARM.

In case of an alarm, a special computer program (GPS) automated system shows on the monitor the QRG closest to the data object, which is immediately sent to the scene (several groups if necessary). In case of loss of the video, a guard post is appointed with the consent of the customer until the video is restored.